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Elizabeth Barrett RVT, CCRP, CCMT -- ADAMAS Dobermans
Elizabeth is an exhibitor of conformation, obedience and agility titled Dobermans. These include dogs of her own breeding, as well as Dobermans (and other breeds) she has trained and exhibited for friends and clients. She has aided us on many levels, and has shown and finished the AKC Championships on several Kaliber Dobermans.  Elizabeth is a registered veterinary technician and is certified in canine physical rehabilitation and canine massage therapy.
Email:  Elizabeth@ADAMASdobermans.com
Phone: (770) 827-1121


Angie Woods -- U.S. Canine
Dog Psychology and Behavior Modification in Buford, Georgia
(770) 682-5434




Information on feeding Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods.
Source for Hormone, Antibiotic & Preservative-Free Meats & Treats
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

Use essential oils for natural health!  Veterinarian created and tested just for use with animals.  Each batch of medical grade oils is quality tested for purity.  From the moment of birth till death, our Dobermans are lovingly supported with AnimalEO oils.


For some information on an alternative treatment for Wobblers Disease..
Wobblers-Is there an alternative to surgery?


Our choice for Reproduction and General Veterinary Medicine
in Alpharetta, Georgia...
Hamby Road Animal Hospital



Gay Glazbrook
Many of the photos on this site are Gay's work. She is a professional, specializing in animal photography. Her work can be found in many publications and on numerous magazine covers. Gay's photos are beautiful & creative. 
Email:  gglazbrook@aol.com 


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