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CH. Horizon's No Mo' Foolin' 


September 11, 1992 - October 2006

CH Brunswig's Cryptonite
CH Cameron's Odessa V Horizon


Kaliber Dobermans is the house that Kali built.  She was the foundation from which all of our dogs derived the essence of what makes Dobermans so unique per our breed standard- "Elegant in appearance, of proud carriage, reflecting great nobility and temperament. Energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient."  Kaliber-bred Dobermans have Kali to thank for these character traits.  

After her career ended as a show dog and brood bitch, Kali went on to spread love and cheer to patients in nursing homes.



Here, Kali is shown winning the 1999 DPCA National Specialty Brood Bitch class with sons, 1998 DPCA Winner's Dog CH Kaliber's Flagship and BIS/BISS CH Kaliber's Southern Gentleman AX, AXJ, CGC.





Beginning in 2001, Kali repeatedly took honors at the DPCA National Specialty shows and Host Club shows as a veteran competitor.    Here she is pictured winning Best in Veteran Sweeps from the 9-11 year old class, in an overall entry of 28 veterans.






Kali is shown right going Best in Veteran Sweeps at eleven years at the 2003 DPCA National.  She also won at the Host Club show that same year.









At fourteen she made her last appearance at the 2006 DPCA National- bringing the audience to their feet, and to tears, to see how Kali still commanded the ring.









CH Kaliber's Southern Gentleman


October 12, 1996 - September 5, 2007

CH Lexus Financial Burden CDX, ROM, CGC
CH Horizon's No Mo'Foolin' WAC, CGC




Gent has his own page on this website- please click this button to view it:





1998 DPCA Winner's Dog,
CH Kaliber's Flagship CGC


February 21, 1998 - 
November 1, 2005

DPCA AOM Winner, 
CH Kai Esa II Son of a Sailor
CH Horizon's No Mo' Foolin' WAC




Banner made history by becoming the youngest dog ever to be awarded Winner's Dog at the DPCA Nationals in 1998- a record which he continued to hold until 2007. 







Banner finished his AKC championship at 17 months of age and claimed several Best of Breed wins, as well as having made several cuts at the 1999 DPCA Nationals Best of Breed competition.  Banner was owned by Cindy Draper of Wisconsin and co-owned by Nancy Raffa-Sodel.

Banner passed away due to complications following surgery for a cervical condition (not CVI).







Kaliber's Georgia On My Mind

October 1996 - February 2008


CH Lexus Financial Burden CDX, ROM, CGC 
CH Horizon's No Mo'Foolin' WAC, CGC 




A littermate to Gent & Whitney, Sophie was an exceptional Doberman. She earned the 2002 American Red Cross "Animal Rescue Award" by helping to rescue three University of Arkansas students after their boat capsized in freezing temperatures on Beaver Lake. Her owners called authorities when Sophie frantically alerted them to the cries for help she could hear over a mile away. Sophie was previously a heroine a few years earlier when she helped to save a family of four in a similar situation. Lassie had nothing on our Sophie! She made us so proud!



Horizon's Midnight Sun

Passed August 2008

A CH Kaliber's Southern Gentleman
AX, AXJ, CGC "Gent" son 


A memorial written by Sidney's owners...

Where does one begin describing a family member so full of love, compassion, loyalty, and “til the end of time” faithfulness?  Our story begins and ends with Sidney…our hero, friend, companion, and memory for generational storybooks.  Our quest began with meeting Nancy Raffa Sodel.  A true lover, mentor, and friend to all who embrace the spirit of the Doberman.  With her guidance and genuine judge of character, we embarked on our journey to find the Doberman one could only dream of. 

In short time, we arrived in the great state of Texas , and met our soon-to-be first “Dobie”.  When I entered the room, it was a match made in heaven.  We instantly bonded… and this puppy grew up to became our Sidney Sidney could always sense a mood, a feeling, a thought….he was the best friend that “always called at the right time”, “said the right things”, and knew when moments of silence were best when the heart needed nurturing.  When it came to laughter, Sidney was the grand champion of the world.  He would always make you chuckle….a chuckle from deep within your soul!

And children….aha….indeed his best friends!  I don’t believe another animal exists on the planet that loves children more than the Doberman.  From the moment our boys were conceived, Sidney “took them under his paw” and called them his own.  From night terrors to taking adventure trips through the back yard, Sidney was always there.  From odd noises at night to road trips in far-off and unknown places, Sidney was always there- their security blanket if you will. 

Sidney was so affectionate with our little ones that even during his dinners, when our children would slip in and eat his food (kids love this for some funny reason), Sidney would calmly sit and patiently wait his turn….hoping there would be plenty of leftovers in “his” own bowl.  He shared his toys, playtime, sleeping bed, and heart for Tristen and Gabriel.  When whimpers came over the baby monitor, Sidney was the first one in the room to check on his baby.  When strangers would knock on the door, Sidney was the first to greet ensuring those present knew that he was there.  

It wasn’t until Sidney wasn’t there that all these truths became so crystal clear.  And while time slowly heals, it never erases the emptiness one experiences.  Our lives are more enriched, however, having been blessed with Sidney .   Precious Sidney , you are forever loved, missed, cherished, and adored….. -Bradley, April, Tristen, and Gabriel Raybeck






CH. Horizon's Vista 
of Kaliber CGC

May 2001 - February 2011

CH Kaliber's Southern Gentleman
CH Horizon's Trifecta

Vista was a beautiful and spirited girl. She finished her championship with three majors- along the way she earned a Best of Breed over specials, a Group Four and an Award of Merit at the Atlanta DPC specialty show.

An outstanding producer, Vista won the 2005 DPCA National Specialty Brood Bitch class under breeder/judge Sheila DiNardo.  She was the dam of five AKC Champions, including the 2007 DPCA WB/BOW and a multiple DPCA Top 20 producing sire.

She was regal & valiant to the end.  THE MOST perfect Doberman!  A noble, loyal & dependable companion.  She produced  amazing show dogs & incredible companions in the same package!  Her presence is greatly missed.

Kaliber's Southern Accent

October 1996 - March 2011

CH Lexus Financial Burden CDX, ROM, CGC
CH Horizon's No Mo'Foolin' WAC, CGC

Whitney pictured at 14 years young



"Whitney" was a littermate to Gent, and was Kaliber Dobermans' first performance titled dog thanks to owner, Nancy Bousquet, of Norcross, Georgia.   In 1999, Whitney passed the test given by Therapy Dogs International, Inc. From that time on Whitney and Nancy regularly visited nursing homes and a special needs school.  During their visits, Whitney charmed residents and employees alike with her good manners and tricks. Whitney had well over 50 therapy dog visits to her credit. 

Whitney demonstrated the perfect Doberman temperament. We are very proud of her and of Nancy for helping to developing Whitney into a wonderful ambassador of the breed!  She was a true "working dog" that touched the lives of others in a meaningful way.

2005, 2006 & 2007  DPCA Top 20 Agility Finalist,
MACH2 Horizon's Power Play



Whelped September 5, 2000 - April 14, 2011

BIS/BISS CH Kaliber's Southern Gentleman AX, AXJ, LC-10
 Horizon's Baby Grande (ptd)



Mason was the first MACH2 male Doberman in the country.  He was owned by Nancy Bousquet of Norcross, Georgia and Nancy Raffa-Sodel. 


CH Kaliber's
Black Tie Affair 


November 13, 2004 - Febuary 24, 2012

1998 DPCA Winner's Dog,
CH Kaliber's Flagship
CH Horizon's Vista of Kaliber CGC


Beau finished his championship with four major wins.  Beau was owned and loved by William and Karen McCormick and Nancy Raffa-Sodel.  He was lost to cancer.



CH Kaliber's Alysheba CGC

November 2004 - November 2012

1998 DPCA Winner's Dog
CH Kaliber's Flagship
CH Horizon's Vista of Kaliber CGC



Aly finished her championship under breeder/judge Jim Briley handled by owner John Schoeneman.  Co-owner Stephanie Tallent was Best Junior Handler at the 2007 DPCA National Specialty with Aly.  Aly passed due to cancer.



Kaliber's Charismatic (AKC ptd)

January 2006 - November 2013

Four-Time BISS CH ADAMAS Ricochet RN, AX, AXJ, ROM
CH Horizon's Vista of Kaliber CGC



A litter sister to 2007 DPCA WB/BOW CH Kaliber's Sunday Silence, we are grateful for Ava's contribution to the legacy of Kaliber Dobermans through her son and daughter Ch Kaliber's Unforgettable CD and GCh Kaliber's Tennessee Waltz CAA.  She died due to gastric obstruction complications.




CH Kaliber's Unforgettable CD


January 30, 2011 - January 31, 2014

GCh Demira Far and Away of ADAMAS CDX, RE, ROM
Kaliber's Charismatic (AKC ptd)



Cole finished at 14 months with 4 major wins under the handling of Esteban Farias.    He was a graceful, yet powerful mover while being square with good bone.  He had already acquired 2 Select majors towards his AKC Grand Championship when he ingested a commonly found plant and went into severe liver failure as a result of its toxin (see below for more information.)  Published article regarding this tragic experience.



Cole enjoyed bringing good cheer to others.  He is pictured here visiting a 90+ year old in a care facility.


Cole was the sire of CH ADAMAS Gold Standard of Cameron WAC, ADAMAS Cuervo Gold RA, WAC (AKC ptd), Best in Sweepstakes Winner ADAMAS Gold Rush AX, AXJ and ADAMAS The Golden Mean OA, OAJ.




WARNING!  The following information could save your pet's life.  Please read!

In the South, Sago Palms grow throughout Florida, most of Louisiana and in the southern reaches of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.  In the West their growing area includes much of Texas, Arizona and California.  Sago Palms are also sold under the names of Coontie Palm, Cardboard Palm, Cycad or Zamia.  They are not only found in outdoor landscapes, but as ornamental houseplants as well.  While most toxic plants warn potential predators away with a foul odor, bright red coloring or bitter taste, the Sago Palm is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Because Sagos do not have these typical distractors, animals do not instinctively know not to eat or chew on the plants or the seed pods. 

Sagos contain three toxins, with the most potent being Cycasin.  Even with aggressive treatment, the survival rate for Cycasin toxicity in animals is only about 50%.  In humans, Cycasin not only causes liver failure, but is a neurotoxin as well.  It is vital to keep Sago Palms away from young children who might pick up and play with the seed pods, or worse yet mouth them.  Anyone who handles Sago Palms should decontaminate themselves and their clothing accordingly as ALL parts of the plant are toxic!



An example of an ornamental Sago Palm found in homes regardless of that area's growing zone conditions.


The male plant. 
Sago Palms can grow up to ten feet in height.

The female plant.
Close up of the felt-like ball that contains the seed pods.


Click these links for more information and photos of toxic palms
and other toxic common plants found in and around the home.




CH Kaliber's Theatrical WAC, CGC

November 2004 - September 2014

1998 DPCA Winner's Dog
CH Kaliber's Flagship
CH Horizon's Vista of Kaliber CGC

Diva finished with three majors, and a Group placement (pictured left).  She was an accomplished hunter-  ridding her yard over the years of several squirrels, opossums and voles which were undoubtedly thinking of breaking into the house and stealing the contents of the cookie jar!








Diva was owned by Sue Skoglund and Nancy.





CH Kaliber's War Admiral


March 19, 2004 - Feb 15, 2016

2004 DPCA Top 20
 Conformation Winner, 
CH Beaulane's Hot Topic
CH Horizon's Vista of Kaliber



Owned by Drs. Barbara and Larry Abrams & Nancy Raffa-Sodel, Saber produced over a dozen champions.  Some of his most notable get included:

2007/2008 DPCA Top 20 Conformation Finalist, Multi BIS/BISS
  CH Horizon's Limited Edition

2009 DPCA Top 20 Conformation Finalist, Multi BIS/BISS
  CH Horizon's That Girl CD, ROM

2010 DPCA Top 20 Conformation Finalist,
CH Horizon's Password

2012 DPCA Top 20 Obedience Finalist,
  Ch Horizon's Perfect Storm CDX, AX, AXJ, NF, ROM






2007 DPCA 
Best of Winners,
Multi BISS CH Kaliber's Sunday Silence CGC

January 2006 - October 2016

CH Horizon's Vista of Kaliber CGC





Sunny went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the 2007 Doberman Pinscher Club of America National Specialty show to finish her championship in style!